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Jump 2 Independence welcomes your views and opinions of the services we provide.  This is important to us and we want to provide a good quality service for all.


We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint/suggestions/compliments within 24 hours, to let you know that we have received this and any action we have taken ensuring that we maintain confidentiality at all times in accordance with the law.  


You have the right to access an advocacy service to help you to deal with your complaint if you require.   We will carry out investigations and all outcomes will be recorded on the complaints form, adding additional sheets as required.  We will write to you to advise you of the outcome and hold a meeting if necessary to discuss this.


If you are not happy with the outcome then you can seek further advice and we will inform you of how to appeal against the decision.


Complaints/ suggestions


Our policy

If you'd like to make a complaint, suggestion or compliment, then please call us on: