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Supported living involves living in one of our accommodations, whereby you will maintain your independence, but have help on standby should you need it.

We offer varying degrees of supported living, depending on your individual needs. We cater to anyone who needs us, from children to elderly people.

We provide three different types of supported living:


• Warden styled 24 hour supported living

• Community styled 24 hours supported living

• Community styled 24 hour advisory on call

Our supported living service in Staffordshire offers the best of both worlds. You can maintain independence, whilst knowing that should you need aid, it's only the push of a button away.

What we offer

The benefits

All the staff who work within the supportive living are very friendly, professional and helpful. To enquire about availability for our supportive living accommodation, please contact our Stafford based office.

Trustworthy staff

Supported living - we're here to help you

To enquire about supported living in Newcastle-under-Lyme, call:


• Dementia

• Care leavers

• Learning disabilities/difficulties

• Autistic spectrum disorder/asperger’s

• Mental health

• Physical and sensory difficulties

• Acquired brain injury

• Drug/alcohol

• Refugees/asylum seekers

• People with HIV/AIDS

• People at risk of domestic violence

• Offenders/people at risk of offending

• Teenage parents

• Single homeless people/at risk of losing their home

• Terminal Illness

• Homeless families/at risk of losing their home.

• People requiring emergency or respite care

Our service users